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Virtual Reflections Create reflections in your tracked footage

Virtual Reflections

Create reflections in your tracked footage.

Virtual reflections.

Reflections Asset pack

Filming an actor’s reflection as they walk up to a glass door or window is easy, you just make sure the camera is out of shot and film it.

but, what if your actor had a digital component with him, maybe he’s carrying a bomb, or accompanying an alien or whatever?

This episode has you covered! in it we show you how to

  1. Track the scene using blenders tracking tools
  2. set up and position the virtual mirrors
  3. Texture the virtual mirrors so they capture the reflections of your virtual object
  4. Composite the mirror into your shot using blenders node editor

now go forth and make awesome, and share your work , let us know what you have done with this tecnique 🙂

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