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Value input node

Whats it for?? Value input node

In this episode, we discover the value of the value input node…

value input.

this node is another really simple node which has a very similar purpose to the RGB node that we looked at in a previous video. often you will have a node tree that utilises numerical values or mathematical functions and more than likely many of those values will be exactly the same and it can be a pain to adjust each individual value one at a time. As an example  if you have, lets say three mix nodes throughout your scene, because say your placing three consecutive muzzle flashes to a scene, you would want to  blend all the flashes onto the main footage in exactly the same way. so rather than fiddling about with the individual settings, you could simply connect one value node to the fac input of each mix node. giving you a single value that you can then use to manipulate all three mix values simultaneously. neat.

told you it was simple.



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