CG Jam

RGB input Node

Whats it for? – Blenders RGB input node.

This node is one of blenders simpler nodes, all it is, is an RGB colour wheel. Essentially all it does is allow you to plug a colour value into a colour socket…

Ok that sounds a little bit pointless as colour sockets normally have a colour wheel built in by default. however, this can become complicated when you have multiple colour values that are exactly the same. A case in point our sun tutorial has several render layers that need to be colourised identically in order to blend them together. having so many inputs means making adjustments time consuming and open to making mistakes, discovering you have forgotten to make an adjustment on one node after several hours of rendering is not fun, i can tell you! so by using this handy little node we can use and adjust just a single value and it will update every colour socket that it is connected to. brilliant, no more wasted render days!

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