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Old VHS Style Movies

Old VHS Style Movies

Turn Digital film into low quality worn out VHS style movies with this simple node setup.

Old VHS Node Tutorial

VHS project asset pack

Getting the right look for your films is pretty difficult sometimes, for the best look it is usually best to film with a camera that provides that style, so for a cine film look you would use a cine camera and VHS you would use a VHS camera.

But these cameras are pretty hard to find nowadays and you would be more likely to need to hire the camera and that could be prohibitive, especially if you are working with a small or non existent budget.

In this lesson we show you a technique for creating the look of an old worn VHS video style using blenders compositing nodes, and show you how to apply it simply to any of your movie clips to give a dirty, worn out video in the style of an old VHS recording.

You can download the film clip that we use in the lesson from the project file link  along with the finished node group.

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