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Dissolve into crows- a particle effects tutorial

Explode Into A Flock Of Crows!

learn a simple method to dissolve an actor into multiple animated objects

Explode into crows

Crow asset pack

Or, how to dissolve someone into many things! This effect has been used many times in music videos and horror movies, whereby the main bad guy (usually a vampire!) turns into a flock of birds or bats or rats (or bugs, that would be cool to see someone turn into a bunch of bugs!)

This is quite a lengthy lesson as there is a lot to get through, we will cover,

  1. how to create virtual shadows in your film clip
  2. how to turn animations into actions with the NLA editor and dopesheet
  3. how to use boids to control particles.
  4. How to use the node editor to combine the effect and
  5. How to use a simple texture to drive and animate the transition

So, plenty of good stuff to play with, set your self a couple of hours to get through the lesson, and post your results down in the comments below 🙂

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