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Blender UV Unwrapping Series Part One -Introduction

Blender UV Unwrapping Series Part One -Introduction

welcome to this mini-series on UV unwrapping in Blender.

In this first episode we will be looking a the Unwrapping workspace and introducing you to Seams and covering some of the issues we often have to deal with when Unwrapping.

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Part One: A Basic Introduction To UV Unwrapping.

Creating a model is one thing, getting it to look how you want is another!

In this mini-series we will be looking at how to Unwrap your model in order to apply 2d images and textures.

in this first part we will cover

  1. loading image textures into the uv/image editor
  2. Unwrapping a basic cube mesh
  3. fixing aspect ratio issues on non square textures
  4. using Seams to unwrap a deafault cube

In part two we will be looking at slightly more complex shapes, namely cylinders and the dreaded uv sphere!

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