December movie and site up dates

does this count? this counts lol.

well ok, so technically not a movie as such but what the hell, it was  christmas and i had a ton of stuff to do!

the plan was to do a bit of a sci fi movie and do a tutorial on creating reflection map panoramas etc, but it all went kind of pear shaped and i used the test clip to try out some tracking.

I really love blenders tracking tools they are robust enough to take this kind of really crappy 680p footage and create a pretty tight track, where Industry moguls would laugh you out of the building and tell you such footage would be useless to track because its crap! having a poor camera shouldn’t be a limitation but a choice. if you have a story to tell and just an old motorola razr from 2005 then make the best of it practice with that tell some stories and learn some stuff until you get the chance to upgrade to something better. don’t let people tell you you can’t do a thing just because your equipment isn’t top notch.

You may also notice we have a new front page. thats because i am re designing the site, well no the site is designed already  by OS Templates, i just need to tweak the template to fit my needs!

the site itself wasn’t working how i wanted it to, i couldnt, get most of the functions working right and having to make crappy workarounds just made me want to not do any thing with it. the Indexes for the different sections should have been nice grids with introductions to each element, but they ended up in a table as that was the only way i could figure to get the text and images sitting next to each other, and it looked total garbage on mobile devices! so that bugged me, and the related content boxes were a total and utter farce, again having to use stupid tables to get the text and image  to sit right. Css just wasn’t working for me, for some reason i could not figure the problem. This new Template i am using looks like it will solve all those issues, and more, giving a nice clean modern look to the site, though i will lose the pretty banners i made for the Headers, but who cares about those! any way I’ll be working on transcribing the pages over to the new format over the next few days and getting them uploaded.

as part of the changes i will be stopping doing the PDF files, unless people really reallly want them, as they take up tons of time to make and no one it seems actually uses them so time will be better spent just getting on with tutorials and movies and stuff.

speaking of tutorials, the final part of the UV sereis will be available soon along side the VHS effect and then The one point track video. though i will more than likely do a better teaser in HD before i release that cos ducks are a bit lame lol!

ok bye for now


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