About us

🙂 HI

I am chris. thats it, the entire team is me.

Having learned a few things in blender I found myself at a point where I was able to competently assist newcomers to Blender on the forums, and discovering that I found it easier to make a quick video lesson to answer questions than typing out long and confusing steps, I  figured it would be worthwhile compiling those lesson into a  simple website. Thus we have cg jam.

The site is centered around the idea that making movies or animations doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact, with a bit of creative thinking and a bunch of open source software you can start your career as a director/VFX artist for what amounts to pocket money. A modern smartphone can suffice as a movie camera and Props you can pick up from a dumpster and a bit of Blender know how and you’ll be creating hit movies in no time! (ok they may only be a hit online, but that’s still a hit!)

So, Jam yeah, that’s because this idea is community based, Jamming, like with music, not the sticky stuff you put on toast, that would be a silly name for a website…yeah you get it!

I want to share the knowledge I have aquired and would love it if you were to share your results, interpretations of the lessons etc. I am available on the usual social networks, links being in the top heading, so drop in and give me a follow and keep up with all the latest tutorials, tips, reviews and network news 🙂

And remember, I never Charge for the lessons or related asset’s. All the blends, Images, film clips and related PDF files are free for you to learn from and use in your own projects! (though I am happy to accept donations if you feel like buying us a pint as thanks 😀 )