June 2015- network news update

So, it’s been a while since the last post, and  bit longer since the last tutorial, which is naughty of me I know. But I haven’t been idle. In between working on the screenplay for my film and realising that i really am quite poor at modelling (one of the reasons you don’t see any proper modelling tutorials on my site! ) I have been taking some time out to practice my skills especially with hard surface models and texturing. as a result I will be adding a modelling section to the site. this won’t be major projects like “learn how to build a car” or some such, no it will be find an image on Google of a “thing” and model it, as a way to introduce you to the techniques and tools used in hard surface modelling, because, getting a model to work involves lots of complicated tricks to avoid creased and distorted meshes, but really not that complicated at all , just an understanding of how good topology works and what causes bad topology, and then there are times when topology just doesn’t matter! finding the appropriate techniques will be covered.

also i have a whole bunch of other lessons to finish off, like the UV series. I want to give you all a decent model for the lesson on complex meshes, I just don’t quite have one yet! the model i was going to use was really bad and not worth using and I don’t really wan’t to borrow a model from blendswap.org because-licences. if i keep everything “in house” the i know there won’t be an issue if something from one of my lessons ends up in your Hollywood blockbuster next season.

also i need to fix the website, the current template is really bad, I like the style, but nothing works such as the subsription/ comment box in the site footer. It’s there, but does nothing when you try to use it and that makes it a bit rubbish. so i am attempting to once again write the website myself. it would probably have been better to just wordpress the whole thing like most of the other tutorial sites but i want a little bit more control than that!

I am toying with the idea of doing some advanced tutorials working on some professional projects that will give you the edge on your own projects. these will be downloadable courses that you can purchase and refer to at your leisure. they will be affordable,  that will be an essential consideration as i dont want you guys to miss out but also i need to make some income to keep the site running and Google ad just don’t cut it. ( I’ve been using Google ads for years and have yet to earn enough to get my first pay cheque!) Originally I was going to try and build a members subscription section Akin to Cgcookie’s Citizenship program, but i think that that would be a mjorly complex rebuild of the site and i don’t think there are enough users or content to justify that kind of  site. perhaps in a couple of years that may be an idea to look at again! jsut right now, i think premium downloads are the way forward!

well thats it for now, oh, wait no, i treated myself to a shiny new GTX 970 this weekend, so once that arrives i’ll be able to get involved properly with this cycles thingy that everyone goes on about! well i’ll be able to use it properly without stalling my system for 10 minutes every time i adjust a node setting, so that will be fun- expect a lot more texture videos coming soon! 😉

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